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To be fair, I don't think DownBeat magazine has been THE magazine for the music and the musicians who create it, for quite some time (like since the published Bird and Diz' debates about bop being "jazz" or not being jazz). I think that we now live in a time where traditional magazine formats are no longer as relevant as they once were. This goes hand-in-hand with the reality check and major paradigm shift in context that even the conglomerate record labels have been forced to face as the true reality. It just seems with regard to DownBeat though, perhaps it is not necessarily geared as much toward the musician community scene as it once seemed to be. DownBeat still has the largest subscription (paying customers) base of all jazz publications in the world. All About Jazz dot com can't even say that. Perhaps it is more for the fans - both, initiates and grizzled alike... DownBeat still has a place, if you want to reach people interested in and actively engaged in supporting the music in various ways. And therefore, advertising in or being covered in an article published in DownBeat is still the wise choice... Just my $0.02 ;)

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